September 18th 2014 | Scotland

Over four million to vote

Written by Tom Freeman on 11 September 2014 in News

By Tom Freeman

The number of people registered for next week's independence referendum has surpassed four million, a record number for any Scottish vote.

The last five weeks have seen 118,640 further people registered, to reach a total figure of 4,285,323 people across the country.

With Scotland population estimated at 5,327,700 and 17 per cent estimated to be aged under 16, the turnout for the referendum could be well over 90 per cent.

89,024 people applied for a postal vote, which is also the largest number of postal vote applications ever received in Scotland.

Chief counting officer for the referendum, Mary Pitcaithly said measures had been put in place to reduce queueing at polling stations. “I want everyone’s vote to count, whether they are voting by post or in person at a polling place on September 18. The safest way to ensure your vote counts is to only put one ‘X’ in the box beside the answer you want to choose. People who are voting at a polling place should think about what time they are going to vote. Polling places are busiest during the early morning and in the evening as people vote on their way to and from work. If you are able to avoid these times, I would encourage you to do so to ensure everyone can vote without having to queue for any length of time.”