September 18th 2014 | Scotland

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Next steps: overview of the referendum

Scotland has said No to independence but debate over the country's future is far from over.

Alex Salmond resigns

The First Minister has announced he stepping down as First Minister and SNP leader

Doubt most powerful force for No vote

Concern over risks of independence was more powerful motivation for No voters than affection for UK, according to poll.

Tory MPs oppose maintaining Barnett Formula

Findings raise questions about Better Together pledges for further devolution in event of a No vote

Scotland goes to polls in historic vote

Scottish electorate goes to polls on whether to become an independent country.

Independence could leave UK departments short staffed

Institute for Government warns that the UK will need major reform regardless of the result.

Over four million to vote

The number of people registered for next week's independence referemdum has surpassed four million, a record for any Scottish vote. 

Being exposed to more information increases chances of voters moving to Yes

Giving voters more information on the referendum increases the chances of them supporting independence, according to a study from the University of Edinburgh.

US political campaigners question Better Together’s strategy

Two seasoned US political ​campaigning experts have questioned the thinking behind Better Together’s latest campaign ad, warning that it runs of the risk of patronising women, with one messaging professional describing the Yes counterpart as ‘far and away better.’ 

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