September 18th 2014 | Scotland

With so little time left until the vote, what is your final message to the people of Scotland?

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By Blair Jenkins

Our message to the people of Scotland is that a fairer, more prosperous Scotland is within our grasp – but only with a Yes vote on September 18.

Decisions about the future of Scotland are best made by the people who care most about Scotland – the people who live in Scotland. Unlike Westminster, when we vote for our first independent Scottish parliament six weeks after independence in 2016, we’ll get the government we vote for, and we always will.

Even our opponents agree that Scotland has what it takes to be a successful independent country. An independent Scotland would be among the twenty wealthiest nations in the world and we’re already richer per head than Japan, France, the UK and the majority of developed countries. Our success in food and drink, life sciences, tourism, renewable energy and higher education demonstrate our great economic strength, even before the bonus of our North Sea oil and gas.

But we need independence to make that wealth work better for the people who live here, creating more and better jobs. We need our future in our own hands, not the hands of Westminster politicians.

The Westminster parties have confirmed that a No vote won’t deliver a single new job-creating power – none of the powers available to a full independent country to grow businesses, increase trade and nurture more opportunities for young people here.

Despite their vague promises of “more powers”, we will lack the full financial control needed to protect our NHS from Tory spending cuts and the knock-on effects of privatisation of England’s NHS – their insulting suggestion that ordinary Scots should pay more in income tax to mitigate Westminster austerity just won’t wash.

And a No will deprive Scotland of the immensely important opportunity to remove immoral nuclear weapons from our waters and spend our money on better priorities instead.

The Westminster system isn’t working for Scotland and hasn’t done for decades under successive Conservative and Labour governments. Only a Yes will give us the full powers we need to meet the needs and aspirations of Scotland’s people, so that we can deliver a fairer society and a more successful economy.

On Thursday, we will hold our nation’s future in our hands and we will decide whether or not Scotland should govern itself. It is clear that only with a Yes vote can we work to create a brighter, more positive and prosperous future.

Blair Jenkins, Yes Scotland's Chief Executive